Norwegian Live Music Association is founded to promote the interests of venues, festivals and local promoters i Norway. Our vision is: Great gigs for everybody! We want to have the best promoters that can guarantee that their concert will be a great experience for the audience, bands, bookers, managers, bands crew and local crew.

Great gigs and concert experiences for the audience need good promoters and it is the Norwegian Live Music Association´s mission to keep our members updated and inspired so they can give their audience even more and better concert experiences in a safe environment.

All concert promoters who meet the criteria set by the General Assembly may be granted a membership in the Association. As a member you can attend our seminars and enjoy our member benefits like free customized courses. Popular topics for our member-courses:

  • Event Safety and security
  • Budgeting, cost control, taxes etc
  • Funding and sponsoring
  • Organizational and professional development
  • PR & marketing
  • Social media
  • Booking & programming
  • Identity – How to distinguish yourself from other venues and festivals
  • Environment – Green gigs

The seminars we create and attend work as a great place for networking as do festivals and music business conferences. The members hold a lot of expertise and we believe the best way of learning is to learn from each other. Norwegian Live Music Association work politically to improve the members terms and conditions. Important subjects are:

• New audiences / new citizens- and populations
• Available venues
• Social entrepreneurship

• Own earnings
• Improved framework conditions
• Sponsorship

Concept development and innovation
• Booking
• Identity
• Audience development

Promoter as an engine for local culture
• Repercussions
• Expertise/knowledge sharing
• Cooperation with the private sector

There are many things to keep track of as a promoter, especially for festivals and venues. Norwegian Live Music Associationy helps the members to be updated on laws and regulations for tax, artist tax, VAT, safety at work and work hours, insurances, and a lot more.

Our members
By 31.12.2016 Norwegian Live Music Association had 310 members. They are all listed here. Our members consist of festivals, clubs, venues, concert associations, student societies and culture-social centres. 


Our publications

We offer books and smaller publications. Most of them in Norwegian, but please see our concert promoters toolbox where you can find relevant info in english.

Toolbox in English

Environmental Handbook
Gives practical advice on how to care for the environment during festivals and big outdoor events. Some of the topics are waste disposal, energy and HS&E work. The Environmental Handbook is made available in English online by The Øya Festival.

Available in Norwegian only:

Great gigs
How to organize successful concerts.

The art of being yourself
How to stand out from other festivals and venues?

There’s gonna be some rockin ‘
Recruitment and motivation of volunteers.

Security Handbook
For venues and smaller promoters.

Teenage kicks
Youths need great gigs too!

Law Handbook
A legal guidance for all promoters and festivals.

Sponsorship Handbook
A tool and aid for concert promoters in dealing with sponsors.

Economy Handbook
This guide introduces the economy particularly directed to concert organizers.